Mini crane laboratory Agata is the base of building automated laboratory.

minisuwnica agata

Its distinctive features are:
1. The transfer plates or racks SBS format *
2. 2x1x1 meters workspace
3. Building a simple camera and laboratory instruments
4. cleanliness
5. involvement in complex laboratory processes

Agata and laboratory equipment are integrated at the level of hardware and software.
So far in integrating with:
Janus PelkinElmer, Chemagen, Real-Time PCR Bio-Rad and Roche, Sealer FluidX, centrifuge SIGMA BioMicroLab Sorter, Hotel LabMind.

Automating and integrating the lab, this long-term project requiring a fruitful cooperation with all suppliers and a sizeable commitment of our engineers and biotechnologists. Therefore, one element that can be purchased in the so-called. "box" is Agata, and automation requires the involvement of all stakeholders.

* SBS format is a standard size plates and microplates = 85.48 x 127.76 mm

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The crane can be controlled by a system of BBMS (BioBank Management System)