SBS * 2D scanner used to decode 2D codes vials entire plate SBS format.

skaner 2D SBS

There are several 2D coding standards:

TraXis ® (Dot Code) from Micronic ®
Tracker ® (DataMatrix) from Micronic and FluidX ®
DataMatrix ® in 12x12 and 14x14 versions, positive and negative - of other companies as Nunc, Matrix, Thermo, and many others.

SBS Supported formats: 4x6 = 24, 6x8 = 48, 8x12 = 96, 12x16 = 192, 16x24 = 384

SBS 2D scanner of our production is based on high-resolution color camera 3840 x 2748

has a built-in fan to defrost and LED backlight to suppress external light interference.

For 2D scanner comes with a suite of software that allows the scanner service manual or automatic mode
and support for database cache.

2D scanner Sheet

Instructions 2D scanner software

* SBS format is a standard size plates and microplates = 85.48 x 127.76 mm

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The scanner works with system BBMS (BioBank Management System)