Automation of laboratories.


You probably know the latest models of analytical equipment. In your lab you are using equipment of the older generation in combination with high tech equipment. Probably you can see that the next series of laboratory equipment are becoming more sophisticated and more and more "independent". This technological progress made so far, however, only within a single position - the testing apparatus. Why not extend it to an entire set of necessary equipment for your lab.

LabMind offers unique possibilities of combining individual laboratory procedures into research workflows, in which human participation is limited to a minimum. Each of our offered solutions is custom-tailored, based on the needs of the particular customer. Perhaps LabMind suggestions will be for your laboratory "the cure for all evil."


Construction of biobanks.


You have to admit, that this is not a new conception. Nothing what you would not know. This conviction will change if we say that LabMind offers the construction of automated biobanks. What do we mean by that? LabMind has developed and constructed an autonomous robot YETI. This copyrighted robot is able to operate your chest freezers and thereby we are able to comprehensive configure your biobank and execute it. On the basis of the owned facilities or new built building, LabMind designs the equipment to automate the whole biobanking process, starting from the preparation of biological material, its registration, transfer to the biobank, storage, collection and release for further analysis. The whole is implemented without physical human intervention, whose role is limited to remote dispose and supervision over the operation of machinery. Its share is off even due to a specially prepared protective atmosphere, which further protects the room where the biobank is loacated.

This is a unique concept that you will not find in the offers from other companies. Consider the solutions of LabMind in your projects.


Construction of dedicated robots.


This proposal aims to automate individual analytical processes. If in your lab there is the need to eliminate human labor in the research process, due to its special onerousness, dangerousness, uniqueness or high labor costs, we suggest that you consider the possibility of automating these tasks. We construct robots on individual request and they will cooperate with appropriately adaptations of your daily used laboratorial equipment. The operation of such systems does not require constant supervision. All processes can be remotely monitored, in case of critical situations you can be alerted by common available communications possibilities (Internet, GSM, etc.). Your needs are configured during the designing stage and are made on request. We invite you to check the possibility of LabMInd and our robots.