Biobank in technical terms, is a specific storage of biological materials. The specificity is the ability to return the material in a modified form in terms of quantity and quality. In order to ensure complete identification of biological material containers (vials, tubes, boxes) are indicated with codes.

All of our solutions are based on the use of packaging that has one type of format, namely SBS format. Robots  Yeti and Wall-B do not handle individual vials, but single SBS boxes. In order to take out the required vial we can pick out from the box by hand or by the use of a sorter. Equipping an automated biobank could consist of a Yeti robot ( which handles chest freezers), Wall-B robot (which handles a biobank at 4 ° C), a sorter and an Adjunct robot (which operates between different other robots, sorters and/or laboratory equipment) . In such away equipped biobank will generated the possibility to be fully operational that is, after the job code list has been carried out you will receive a SBS plate (or plates) ready for research purposes.

We are not only able to equip biobank, but also automating the workflow.

In the photo gallery we have placed a few concepts of biobank constructions.

Photo gallery

Each element of the biobank is autonomous, it includes the hardware and the software. The individual elements can function independently, but the most usefulness will be achieved after applying all.

The role of the master system satisfies BBMS (Biobank Management System)